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One-on-One Tutoring Lessons

As Windows continues to evolve there are many changes that oftentimes confuse and annoy us, the users.  There are countless shortcuts, applications and available options that can actually improve your everyday use with your computer.

​This knowledge is readily available to anyone seeking improvement in their computer skills.  Any skill level of PC user, whether just beginning or advanced, has more to learn that could apply ease-of-use and time saving benefits each and every day.

In-office tutoring appointment:  $50/hr

On-site Appointments 

Available upon request. Always prompt and courteous.  Visit our Services page for more information.

A lesson in web browsers:

Looking for a New or Refurbished Computer?

Whether you are looking for a new or used desktop or laptop, we can get the best PC at the best price on the market.

Our refurbished computers are completely guaranteed for up to one year on any hardware defects and we stand by our sales.  Our refurbished laptops sell quickly so let us know if you are interested!

Refer a customer and save $$$

The computer business thrives off of good words given by one customer to another potential customer as well as positive online reviews which is why we want to satisfy everyone who is serviced.  

​As an incentive to spread word of our expertise we offer any customer who refers another customer to us an automatic $10 discount on any current or future service.  Please read up on our website's information and feel free to contact us for any problems or questions that you, or someone you know, may have.

Beware of fake website & phone scams!  

If you arrive to a website that is covered with scary warnings about

your computer crashing, do not believe it and do not call the number.

The website is designed to frighten you into calling them and allowing

them access to your PC, at which time they put a password on it to

lock you out, then demand money from you to unlock it.  Also if you

receive a call from anyone offering remote service:  do not believe

anything they say, they are the same people previously mentioned.  Nearly all of these companies are fraudulent and want to take your money without giving you any real service, if not cause problems for you.

The best thing to do is to tell them you have a local professional and to not contact you again.  If they call repeatedly, start asking them questions:  who are they, where are they, references, contact information; most companies will hang up and avoid giving these details or blatantly lie about who they are claiming to be Microsoft employees.

Typically these foreign-based companies will call you and lie saying your PC is infected with viruses.  Sometimes your PC may actually have viruses, but they are not interested in fixing your problems.  If you receive calls from anyone offering remote service, contact us and do not allow them access to your computer or credit card information.  We can guaranteed solve your problems for a much more reasonable price.

(815) 941 - 6000                  719 N. Division St,   Morris, IL