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Computers are similar to vehicles:  they require upkeep and sometimes upgrades and/or repairs, but there is always knowledge that can save a person money and help them avoid trouble down the road.  It is our goal to give everyone this knowledge and use ​our skills to ensure your PC operates at maximum efficiency and stays that way.
We at MPCS are qualified and licensed to offer professional services according to all current federal, state, Grundy County and City of Morris laws and regulations.
iPhone & iPad repairs
iCracked has grown in every way as they can repair your broken iPhone or iPad screens for a fraction of the manufacturers' price.  We have been told good results from customers who have used this service.  This recommendation is subject to change based on continued reliability of service provided by iCracked.
Email:  support@icracked.com
​Phone:  1-877-700-0349

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Gillware can save you all of your data even after your local computer shop's data recovery has proven unsuccessful.  Please contact us or Gillware directly if interested in a data recovery beyond that of a local computer business.

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner

Our business is founded on trust and honesty.  These fundamentals have given us an ever-expanding customer base, because once a customer comes to us for help, they never need to go elsewhere.

Some businessmen cannot handle healthy competition and will literally slander and lie about other PC repair businesses in order to keep what customers they have.   At MPCS, we let our customers do the talking for us.  Be sure to contact us for a comparison quote anytime and we will prove our superiority.  To be loyal to a business is great, but be sure the business is loyal to you as well.

We are always honest with options and pricing solely because people will remember who served them well and who did not; essentially, who they can trust and who they cannot.  Our six month guarantee is proof as well that our work will continue to last long after the original repair.

-All services provided are guaranteed for up to six months.

-In fixing your computer, we completely adhere to state and federal laws as well as we follow strict personal guidelines to keeping your information completely safe.  No customer of ours needs to fear being embarrassed, losing their information or having it stolen.

​-We accept
cash, local checks and debit/credit.  Payment is not required until the service(s) is rendered and the computer(s) is returned to you.  

-Average completion time is
24 - 48 hours, although the exact completion time cannot be guaranteed depending on the computer issue(s).​

-Oftentimes problems that arise are symptoms of what the actual issue(s) is. Our job is to diagnose all potential hardware defects first and then progress to cleaning the system itself.
Learning to use a computer only requires practice and willingness to learn. Growing with the birth and rise of computers awarded us a huge opportunity to learn and practice the proper repair and
maintenance protocols of a PC, whether it be a laptop or desktop.

Although our business may be new, we have been performing customer satisfying services for years. Our staff has 20+ years of computer experience comprised of formal classroom experience, personal and professional work experience ​that has ascended us above other computer repair shops in this technological era. The owner is also proud to be a veteran of the US Army.