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Our services are always guaranteed for six months!

If you have any problems or questions after a service is performed we are happy to re-check the PC as needed for free during that time.  We average 24-48hr turnaround.

Home Appointment:​

We understand your time is as important as our own which is why we won't make you wait. We are happy to help customers up to and including Morris, Seneca, Mazon, Coal City, Diamond, Dwight, Gardner, Channahon and Minooka.

In Morris: 1hr / $60
Outside Morris: 1hr /

(815) 941 - 6000
Contact us to schedule an appointment anytime!

$20.00  -  Diagnostic testing:  Fully testing a computer to determine issue(s).
​Any viable option and price will be given.

$50.00  -  Password reset:  Removal of a Windows password.  
(Any version of Windows operating system)

$50.00  -  Data transfer:  Transferring data from one source to another.
(Does not include Data Recovery situations)

$80.00  -  Tune-up:  Maximizing computer performance, removing unnecessary/dangerous programs, fixing web browser(s), repairing of software including Windows errors such as BSOD (blue-screen-of-death), full updates, and many more steps to PC perfection.

$100.00  -  Virus Removal:  Complete removal of all viruses, malware, adware, pop-ups, cookies, etc. Includes complete Tune-up procedure.

$100.00  -  Windows Setup:  Complete installation and updating of all software useful
and necessary
(e.g. antivirus, etc).
(Very useful when you purchase a new computer)

$100.00  -  Windows Installation:  Installation of a Windows operating system, Vista, 7 or 8,(any version of each). Includes Windows Setup.
(Does not include product key)

$160.00 - Hard Drive Replacement: Physical replacement of current hard drive with a new, top-quality, name brand hard drive. Includes Windows installation, setup and data transfer.

$160.00 - Laptop Screen: Replacement of broken or non-functional laptop screen.
(Price may slightly vary based on screen size. Avg 15.6")

$50-200  -  Data Recovery: Recovery of data from a defective disk to another source. 
(Price varies based on amount of data successfully recovered)

$***  -  Tablet Repair:  Tablets & iPads can be more expensive to repair than they may be worth; currently MPCS does not offer hardware repair for tablets, iPads or phones. Please call for information regarding tablet/phone hardware repairs.

$500-700  -  New Computer:   Buying a new desktop or laptop through us can save you money as well as we can perform multiple services for you all at once such as data transfer from old PC or setting up the new one.  We can also custom build you a PC with desired specifications. Please contact us if interested in a new PC, price varies based on necessities. Refurbished computers start at $100.

$20 (20min)  -  Remote session:  We offer a free, easy-to-operate program to remote in to your PC in order to give you immediate repairs while we speak to you over the phone.  If a problem appears to exceed our ability to fix in a remote session, we can arrange pick-up & drop-off.
(Requires internet connection. Not all services can be done remotely)

$50 (1hr) - Tutoring appointment:
 One-on-one instruction on any computer subject(s).
(In-office tutoring only)